Top Games of 2019

A year has ended and, frankly, it was a rather tame year.

I haven’t played that many exciting stuff. But the games I am more intrigued are on the “New to Me 2019” coming up soon. That’s for the future. For now, we’ll look at my Top 10 of 2019.

Honorable mention

Battle Line: Medieval – I’m cheating here since Battle Line was released aeons ago as Schotten Totten in 1999. But I’m placing the new 2019 edition here anyway as a honourable mention. As it is still a top tier 2 player card game.

Flick of FateFlicking game along the lines of Crokinole and Pitch Car.

I have only played it once, but I really like the simplicity of the game. The start of the round allows special rules to occur with a simple majority vote and that applies on the entire round. The game doesn’t drag too long. I have played MegaCity: Oceania, and it introduces more complexity without really introducing depth and the extra bits are very dull and actually restricts player creativity. But Flick of Fate seems to add something cool in the game without making player stumble on them internalising the rules.

Only played it once so it’s honourably mentioned instead.

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A Review of the Classics – Citadels, and Why Game Progression is Important

Citadels is a game that is designed by Bruno Faidutti in 2000. The game received an expansion called ‘Dark City’, which adds more characters and buildings. Then, a new edition came out in 2016, which includes more characters and more buildings, in addition to the original and ‘Dark City’ characters.

In this review, I will only focus on the original characters of the game, and more importantly, why the game has serious flaws that stops the “classic version” from becoming a true classic, if we look at it from the modern lenses of 2019.

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Review – Res Arcana

Res Arcana is a card game from designer, Tom Lehmann, the creator of another well-regarded card game called Race of the Galaxy. Res Arcana is a game about a group of mages tinkering with artefacts, building monuments, summoning dragons, and gathering and manipulating the essences of the world. The game ends when one or more mages have 10 victory points or more. If there are multiplies of them, then it’s the mage with the most points that wins.

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Top 30 ‘New to Me’ games of 2018 – From 30 to 21.

Hello! It has been a big year for me, in regards to board gaming. So many games played and several genre of games explored. I become more aware on what kind of things I end up liking and what doesn’t click to me.

These are the games that are ‘new to me’ for this year; they were all released before 2018. Games that were remade this year with new shinier prettier editions are also included here, not in my Top 10 Games of 2018. Obviously, the list is subjective to my taste; what games worked for me, doesn’t work for someone else. However, I hope I can present what I felt about these games as I rank them to you.

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Top 10 Games of ‘2018’

The year 2018 is nearly done. Holidays are booked. Festivities are prepared. It is a long year of gaming for me, and there are lots of interesting games that came out of 2018. Some I hate; some I love. These are the Top 10 games that were released this year. Note that I regard Kickstarter games to be released on the month that they were delivered to backers. Top games that are ‘new to me’ in 2018 will be posted next.

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Impressions – Pandemic: Fall of Rome

Pandemic: Fall of Rome is the latest game from the Pandemic series. I was extremely excited about playing this game because: 1.) Late Roman period has always been a topic of interest for me. 2.) It’s designed by Matt Leacock and Paolo Mori (designer of Dogs of War and Ethnos). So, this is way at the top of my list of games to play the moment Z-Man have announced it.

Fall of Rome follows the tried-and-tested Pandemic formula. It is a cooperative game where players collect multi-coloured cards. Once you have enough cards of that colour, you are one step closer to victory. The game ends when the players collected a set of cards from every suit. Simples.

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Impressions – Dice Hospital

Dice Hospital is a Kickstarter game from Alley Cat Games, soon to arrive to the backers and will be available on retail soon. Dice Hospital is a game about managing a hospital by shuffling your staff between rooms to take care of your patients and make them better. From the theme itself, it reminds me of an old video game called Theme Hospital, which I really love, except with dice. Amusingly, for a game with loads of dice, there’s not much dice rolling.

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