Impressions – Pandemic: Fall of Rome

Pandemic: Fall of Rome is the latest game from the Pandemic series. I was extremely excited about playing this game because: 1.) Late Roman period has always been a topic of interest for me. 2.) It’s designed by Matt Leacock and Paolo Mori (designer of Dogs of War and Ethnos). So, this is way at the top of my list of games to play the moment Z-Man have announced it.

Fall of Rome follows the tried-and-tested Pandemic formula. It is a cooperative game where players collect multi-coloured cards. Once you have enough cards of that colour, you are one step closer to victory. The game ends when the players collected a set of cards from every suit. Simples.

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Impressions – Dice Hospital

Dice Hospital is a Kickstarter game from Alley Cat Games, soon to arrive to the backers and will be available on retail soon. Dice Hospital is a game about managing a hospital by shuffling your staff between rooms to take care of your patients and make them better. From the theme itself, it reminds me of an old video game called¬†Theme Hospital, which I really love,¬†except with dice. Amusingly, for a game with loads of dice, there’s not much dice rolling.

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