A Review of the Classics – Citadels, and Why Game Progression is Important

Citadels is a game that is designed by Bruno Faidutti in 2000. The game received an expansion called ‘Dark City’, which adds more characters and buildings. Then, a new edition came out in 2016, which includes more characters and more buildings, in addition to the original and ‘Dark City’ characters.

In this review, I will only focus on the original characters of the game, and more importantly, why the game has serious flaws that stops the “classic version” from becoming a true classic, if we look at it from the modern lenses of 2019.

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Review – Res Arcana

Res Arcana is a card game from designer, Tom Lehmann, the creator of another well-regarded card game called Race of the Galaxy. Res Arcana is a game about a group of mages tinkering with artefacts, building monuments, summoning dragons, and gathering and manipulating the essences of the world. The game ends when one or more mages have 10 victory points or more. If there are multiplies of them, then it’s the mage with the most points that wins.

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