Top 30 ‘New to Me’ games of 2018 – From 30 to 21.

Hello! It has been a big year for me, in regards to board gaming. So many games played and several genre of games explored. I become more aware on what kind of things I end up liking and what doesn’t click to me.

These are the games that are ‘new to me’ for this year; they were all released before 2018. Games that were remade this year with new shinier prettier editions are also included here, not in my Top 10 Games of 2018. Obviously, the list is subjective to my taste; what games worked for me, doesn’t work for someone else. However, I hope I can present what I felt about these games as I rank them to you.

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Top 10 Games of ‘2018’

The year 2018 is nearly done. Holidays are booked. Festivities are prepared. It is a long year of gaming for me, and there are lots of interesting games that came out of 2018. Some I hate; some I love. These are the Top 10 games that were released this year. Note that I regard Kickstarter games to be released on the month that they were delivered to backers. Top games that are ‘new to me’ in 2018 will be posted next.

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